Tug Hill Players

The Tug Hill Players are a group of musicians who create their own special blend of music that in the words of one listener, "transports you to another place." They perform their own arrangements of songs taken from a wide range of musical styles, songs particularly selected for their passionate, uplifting qualities and general appeal to both the listener and the performers. While many of their numbers find their roots in Celtic music, some have a taste of bluegrass, country, Appalachian, or folk music, with an occasional original work interweaved into a set. They use a mixture of acoustic and synthesized acoustic instruments that results in a product that is both unique and vibrant, replicating sounds from the past and the present. Some music is solely instrumental, some includes vocals.

In any given tune you may hear a combination of standup bass, harp, accordion, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, electronic wind instrument, clarinet, keyboards, clavietta, melodica, xylophone, conga, djembe, bodhran, and chimes. The Tug Hill Players include Steve Bennett on standup bass, djembe and vocals; Pat Chapman on keyboards, melodica, xylophone, conga, djembe and vocals; Jay Chapman on percussion and xylophone; Gary Cranfield on guitar, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, accordion, keyboards, and vocals; David Sargent on electronic wind instrument and clarinet; and Betsy Waterman on harp, guitar, keyboards, clavietta, electronic wind instrument, and vocals. These musical friends are passionate about their music and it shows in their performances.